Welcome, Visionary Leader! You’re about to Discover a Pathway to Deeply Satisfying Work and Deeply Impactful Contribution…all by DOING Less and BEING More….

Start by taking the “Genius Zone Quiz” to discover what Zone you are in at work!

You’ve already achieved most everything you thought you ever wanted…. You’ve got the house, the spouse, the kids, the car, the career or business.  And yet, you’re wondering… “Is this it?”

Have you thought lately… “I hate this!  I know I’m meant for more.  I feel trapped.”

Don’t get me wrong… chances are, you really like what you do. You’re good at what you do. It’s easy for you to get the job done well. It works.

But oddly, at what is in many ways the “zenith” of your success, boredom and dissatisfaction are creeping in.  At times, you wake up with a heavy heart, aching to do something MORE! What? You’re not sure.

The MORE that you seek is YOU.  More specifically, a deeply satisfying, daily experience of your Living your Genius.  Being Busy isn’t enough. Being successful isn’t enough. Now, it’s time for a real meat-and-potatoes experience of your full expression of Genius.

The awesome news is… you are in the perfect place to discover AND enjoy your Genius. Because you’ve already ‘achieved’ and ‘proven’ yourself, you are ready to step into a new chapter of having a blast at work (playing like a kid) and thriving.

The “plateau” of boredom that you’ve reached in your success is actually the beginning of the deeply satisfying chapter of your work to date. Plus, more than ever you have the skills, experience and potential to make a deep contribution as a Leader.

So welcome.  On this site, you’ll find some friendly Geniuses, free videos, blog posts and invitations to explore your Genius starting now.

Start by taking the “Genius Zone Quiz”. This is a few minute quiz that will illuminate exactly what zone you are in at work and how you can get into your zone of Genius ASAP!

Here’s to YOU. Your Genius awaits…