Welcome, Accomplished Leaders in Business. You’re about to Discover how to Light Up your Leadership, Breathe Life into your Bright Ideas and Unleash your Heart’s Generosity at work…

Warning: The content of this site may cause you to be excited and could result in saying “Goodbye” to being bored-at-work, forever!

If you’re like most Accomplished, High-Preforming Leaders in the Corporate World, there comes a time when your exciting career reaches a plateau. What were exciting challenges in the past, now become routine!

Earlier in your career there was always the promise of new challenges, greater responsibility and a bigger pay-cheque on the horizon. It was exciting! These days, there’s not much potential for upward movement. You’ve reached the “glass-ceiling”.

You’re wondering…”Is this it? Is there more?”

You like what you do. You’re good at what you do. It’s easy for you. You admit, it only takes a fraction of your full potential to get the job done well.

At this stage of your success, boredom and lack of fulfillment are starting to creep in. At times, you feel your heart ache to make a bigger difference and to do something MORE! You’ve got some bright ideas and your creativity is brewing.

Fortunately, the “plateau” you’ve reached is actually the beginning of the most fun and fulfilling chapter of your career to date. More than ever you have the skills, experience and potential to make a bigger impact as a leader. It’s your time to SHINE.

Right on this site, I will share with you resources to light up your leadership, breathe life into your bright ideas and unleash your heart’s generosity at work.

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